Basic Package


Basic Web Design Package

WDesigners Basic Package is an affordable way to create and develop a smart web presence for your company or yourself, up to five (5) pages. It is your shop window, open 24/7, allowing potential customers to view your services and/or products. It is the beginning of establishing your company’s identity in your community and worldwide. It is your virtual business card with the advantage of unlimited information; accessible anytime, anywhere.

After you purchase your web design package, our customer service representative will contact you to send you our company contract in order for WDesigners to begin working on your website template. Once we receive a signed contract, our web designers will contact you to discuss your website and collect information about your business. We need to understand your business and vision for your website in order to create functional and suitable mock-ups tailored to your needs. After we collect information about your company and the content of your website, we will create 3 different original template options for you to review. We do not purchase website templates because we believe you deserve to have your own unique template.

What make us so great? Our templates are being created with the latest web languages with all of them compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. So basically, no matter what kind of device you use (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or cellphones) you will receive and view the same result.

You can have plain text, pictures, forms, links, etc. You can ask for anything that you would like placed in your pages. Our job will be to add a touch of color and design to your content for aesthetic appeal.
Today’s websites have at least one custom form placed in their design. If you are limited to the number of forms based on you choice of package, you may want to consider having a “contact us” form so your visitors/clients can easily communicate with you via email.
In modern design, an image slider is a critical part of your website. It is the first image that your visitors/clients will see. Your website will need at least one image slider that showcases services, new products, or your company’s slogan.
Your portfolio/image gallery is your products/services showroom. Images of your product(s) and or services will be individually highlighted with product/service descriptions, pricing, etc.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, or natural listings on search engines. Search engines don’t care about how beautiful and stylish your website looks, they only read the codes behind your pages. At WDesigners, we make sure that all of our designs meet the standards of every search engine to ensure that you will be found on world wide web. We offer two levels of SEO, Basic and Optimized. Optimized version of our SEO is the maximum clean up code you can get for your website. Every page will be edited to make sure they have unique keywords, titles, “alt+text” names for every single image, and many other features that search engines, like Google, love to see. These features will place your pages on a high rank chart based on their algorithms, which simply means increased visibility.


In order for Google to know about all the pages on your website, you need to have an xml version of your sitemap. We will make your life easy by creating your xml sitemap so that all your pages are discover-able. All you need to do is log in to your Google account and submit the xml sitemap created by us to Google. If your package includes url submission to Google, we will submit your xml sitemap as well.